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The first thing that customers assume when they lose their car keys is that new keys can only be provided by the main dealer, its more than likely that you never knew are specialist like KeyGo could provide this service for you?
If you have lost, broken or your car key simply doesn’t work you have 2 options:
Problems ...  0034 634 348 658
Problems ...  0034 634 348 658
Option 1: Call KeyGo Car Key Specialists

We take all of the hassle of obtaining a new car key and getting you back behind the wheel Call KeyGo Car Key Specialists on 634348658  (English Speaking) or 634301165 (Spanish Speaking) Explain your situation & requirements with an experienced auto locksmith who will supply you with a no obligation quote.
Arrange a convenient time - We will offer you a time slot to suit yourself for our engineer to attend your vehicle.  We will call you 30 minutes before our expected arrival time. We will gain entry to your car (If required) and produce a replacement key while you wait - All car keys are made on the road side at your vehicle while you wait. 
So, How do we do it?

If there is no key at the vehicle we first have to gain entry, there are a few ways we can do this but the most practical and fastest option is to pick the lock using specialist picking tools & techniques. This will not cause any damage to your car or lock.
Once the lock is picked and decoded we can cut a new key using this code, if its not possible to get the code from picking, we can dismantle the lock to ascertain the key code to enable the new key to be cut
And finally the new key will have a transponder chip within it, this will need to be programmed to the car so that it will accept it and allow the engine to be started. This is programmed using specialist diagnostic equipment.

All this is done at the road side while you wait and in most cases in less than half an hour, some cars can be more troublesome but we wouldn’t expect to keep you longer than an hour
Option 2: Main Dealer

If you decide that you want to use a main dealer, it is a requirement to produce the registration document along with identification to prove you are the owner of the vehicle before they will order a new key.
You can then expect to have to wait a few days for the key to arrive and then arrange a time to recover your vehicle from its last location to their garage for new key programming.  This can be an extremely long process - some car manufacturers keys for instance are ordered in from abroad and usually take around five days to arrive from the factory.  Some main dealers in Spain are so busy that the wait for a programming appointment can be up to 2 weeks. 

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